Senheiser USB Headset for Zoom / Skype / Teams


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ow it’s really easy to talk to your friends, family and colleagues over the net. The Senheiser USB Headset delivers quality stereo sound, easy USB connectivity and a clear noise cancelling microphone to match.

  • Connect easily to your PC or Mac via USB
  • Enjoy quality sound with every internet conversation
  • Easily regulate the volume and mute from the headset


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The noise cancelling microphone filters out background noise, so you can Skype with friends around the world and be confident that they can hear you loud and clear. Add to this the comfortable headband and easy USB plug & play, and you have a good quality internet telephony accessory that you won’t ever want to do without.

Open Acoustics For Natural Sound
  • Noise cancelling clarity with the noise cancelling microphone, your voice is easily understood without the need to shout
  • USB plug & play simply plug into your PC or Mac USB port and start calling over the net
  • Double-sided design ideal for easy listening during conversations, it also helps you to focus, stopping you becoming distracted by background noise
  • Light and comfortable with the lightweight headband, it’s easy to forget you are even wearing a headset
  • Handy volume control the in-line volume/mute control lets you make quick adjustments without fiddling with your computer settings
USB plug & play
Did you know?

Never have to fiddle with your computer’s sound settings again. The PC 8 USB features a volume and mute control switch that is built into the headset’s cable.

Sennheiser recommends this headset for...

Internet telephony users who want a super-easy and comfortable stereo headset.


This headset is compatible with any PC or Mac – whether a laptop or desktop.

Why Sennheiser?

Sennheiser is the brand of choice for many high-profile recording artists and live sound engineers, delivering the ultimate audio experience to people who crave true-to-life sound. For over 65 years, Sennheiser has applied its in-depth audio research to the development of premium headphones, microphones and headsets. Every Sennheiser product endures rigorous quality control tests to ensure you receive durable, great-sounding headphones that will withstand daily use in a variety of environments.

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