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No matter what lies ahead in these uncertain times a student’s life will center around a laptop or tablet, whether being schooled remotely, working on assignments, or researching on the web.

Most educational software runs on Microsoft Windows and such software might be a requirement of your child’s school. Students can get Microsoft Office free and we can set this up for you free of charge. You should also leave room for fun such as streaming videos and playing games.

What is included in our price when buying a laptop:

  • Full set up and configuration and installation of Office 365 Student 💼
  • Removal of unnecessary programs ✔️
  • Latest Window updates 🔰
  • Latest Driver updates 🆕
  • Anti-virus system 


  • Battery settings for maximum performance 🔋
  • Transfer of any other data from a previous laptop 💻
Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam
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